DME Research Cell

Research and Innovation in Media (RIM), the research wing of the DME Media School, focuses on creating value and innovation in the field of mass media through the best research practices, thus empowering the industry with the most efficient and result-oriented ideas.

As the research center of the Media School at DME, we are dedicated to exploring the ever-changing dimensions of media and mass communication. Our vision is to synthesize the critical aspects of media and bring out important insights that can be used by the practitioners to bring quality to the domain. We look forward to building ideas and innovating for a better contribution.

RIM proposes to take up formative as well as exploratory researches. For having a better understanding of the media world and its functioning, applied researches will also be taken up by the faculty members. Wherever desirable, teachers-students collaborative projects can also be taken up. The objective remains to create and promote an environment of research in the institute and contribute to domain knowledge.