Vritika is one of a kind media festival and convention for facilitating deliberations on the significance of contemporary media-related matters. Fetching pan India participation, the convention aims at disseminating essential information associated with journalism and mass communication to a wide span of audience.
Formulating a compilation of diverse competitions, Vritika harnesses the talent spread throughout the country and promotes the broadening of the imaginative and communicative horizons of the participants.
Vritika aims to bring students across India into a single platform and bring out the talent hidden in journalism and mass communication.
The festival seeks to engage students’ thought-provoking discussions, debates, and discourse to create future media visionaries. Vritika wants to cater to the need of the hour- to develop consciousness among the media students for responsible and accountable professional conduct towards society. Lastly, it also seeks to be the bridge between academics and industry by giving a platform for enabling individualized communication.